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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 16, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome to the al jazeera news hour and we are live in doha and these are the main stories we will be covering this hour. ♪ celebrations in india as the opposition bjp is swept to power in the general election. he will be the new prime minister, the controversial politician has won with a massive landslide. and we will be looking at this,
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the new chapter in indian politics and what this could mean for the world's biggest democracy and more funerals following the turkey mine disaster as mine safety turns violent. ♪ rallying against the world cup, and protests across brazil at the cost of staging the football tournament. and the miracle of measles, how the vaccine of the childhood disease helped to permanently kill one woman of cancer. ♪ but it was the world's biggest democratic process, more than 800 million people registered to vote, so many that they took five weeks to complete in nine separate stages but the main
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opposition party bjp is emerging as the clear and landslide winner of the indian election, he campaigned on the promise of economic revival and they are with the gandhi family and indian politicians and several congress members called these results shocking. all right, let's go live now from the indian capitol new deli and so this is a momentum event and earlier i was calling this historic. it's not been for so many years a party managed to win with a simple majority. >> yes, it's an amazing piece of indian history that is unravelling here in new deli and across the country. not since 1984 when new gandhi
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have they seen one single party make a simple majority you say of 272 seats and then new gandhi had allies and bjp have done it on their own and it's an amazing feith in terms of the history and they led a very sharp campaign from start to finish and the man campaigning for a good 18 months had certainly set the ground work this place for what his party stood for and how he would improve india, what his vision for india was should he come to power. of course there was criticism of him and the party itself and of course everybody wants to win the general election but to win with a huge majority or should i say certainly tipping the 50% that is required to win this election of 272 seats, is a feith in itself and who we saw a
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few minutes ago, the president of the bjp party explaining how he felt and what he thought about the election results, certainly putting the credit down to the people, the voters themselves who really wanted to see change believed in the bjp and believe they can as you say change the fortunes of india from economic stagnation we have seen in perhaps the last 18 months to a revival. >> so it was the promise of economic revival of renewal for india's economy you point out but what about the concerns that many of the minorities, of course india being an mosiac of cultures and ethnicities and what about minorities and their concerns and this represents a shift against their better interest? >> well, there is always going to be that concern during the election campaign and always
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that concern when bjp takes power but he has been telling the community at large regardless of what their feith is that they will prosper. we heard in resent weeks comments about immigration and relationships with pakistan. these are all issues which will unfold and the stance on that will become much clearer once the administration takes place but it's inevitable that countries such as bangladesh and pakistan will be eying the even i have statement coming from the government because he is in the controversy of 2002 and his administration is criticized for not protecting the lives of many individuals in that state and a thousand muslims that were killed and that is the controversy that continues day
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in, day out. at the moment he has been given the mandate, he has got the majority vote. and whether you are from a minority or not, mr. modi and his aids and those members of parliament that will take a position have been very clear on the position that everybody in india is an indian and everybody will prosper under his administration. >> reporter: thank you very much and so we were saying a huge amount of positivity behind the person of this new prime minister and his name is modi and he is 63 years old, he is highly controversial and so we pointed out he served as prime minister and credited for that economic growth that tripled over the decade or so he has been in charge. he is very popular as i say and also devisive and we are live in
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the home state, in the state capitol and joins us live and i presume this is the hub of celebrations for this historic victory for mr. modi. >> absolutely. you can see behind me the massive crowd that gathered outside the bjp and they are here because they are expecting the man of the moment any second now who headed the bjp campaign to win the elections will be here and they have been waiting an hour and now the celebrations are high and they are trying to hold the crowds back and they are chanting and have been at it all day and they are here to welcome what looks like india's now future prime minister modi.
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>> okay, so it's very difficult to hear you because of the noise but we can just only imagine that the sense of victory and triumph they are experiencing there, mr. mod ishgi is very mu isn't he, a part of his state? >> yes, exactly, he is the chief minister here and he is really credited with the economic growth in this state, the state had a higher gdp than the national average and unemployment is the lowest in the country and infrastructure is high with loads and surplus and electricity and it's religion the back of the work that modi has done at this date and across the country and has given him their support. >> and clearly very popular with the middle classes. what about the lower classes,
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those with less who have gained less under his stewardship? >> certainly he is certainly very controversial leader, that is undeniable. and people within this state and the stronghold and people like farmers and people like the muslim community expressed an apprehension to us when we have gone to speak with them in the lead up and to tell shuns and say he certainly has brought a lot of economic development but this has benefitted the upper part of society and he is known to be the darling of big business but they say they have been treated unfairly and their land is making way for big businesses and muslims are also concerned because of the 2002 during which time he was chief minister and a thousand people, most of them muslims, were
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killed during those riots and he has been put aside of failing to crack down on them adequately. he is certainly a controversial leader but here a lot of people say he is good to them and they support him whole heartedly and as you can see around me it's a stronghold. >> very devisive and love him or not and little is known about him and even in the run up to tell , election and we don't know a lot about him. >> he is a work aholoic and now perhaps he will be governing india as a whole.
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what we do know about him is he is the son and doesn't come from a political genisee like gandhi and comes from humble beginnings and worked his way to the top of the pyramid if you like during these elections. india media reported that he has a wife and that he was married at a very young age but that the marriage didn't last, it was a very short-lived marriage and he never officially has gotten divorced but he has not married since. so he is known as a bachelor and known to be really married to the job. but a part from that we don't know a lot about his personal life. >> all right, thank you very much indeed for now who is live waiting the arrival of the man himself, the man of the moment, modi. now we can speak to shana and see who is a spokeswoman for the
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bjc and is live in new deli and thank you very much indeed for joining us and congratulations you must be over the moon and delighted with this win. >> yes, absolutely. it's a historic victory and i'm the spokesperson of the bjp. >> what do you attribute the victory to? why do you think the people of india voted so decisively for the party? >> reporter: this is the first time you have seen this kind of mandate and it's a mandate on leadership, stability and on progress. we have had a fabulous leader, captain of the ship and i think the party and workers were absolutely motivated to do their best at each polling booth to ensure victory of this magnitude and all those people who constantly termed the bjp as
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secular or secular, communal or inclusive, this shuts them up because this is a mandate for progress and development of the country and this can be an attribute to the leadership of modi. >> it seems it's the promise of economic revival that has swung so many indians to the side of the bjp, what are your first priorities, your first three priorities? i notice the stock market clearly welcomed the win, today's result. >> i think that the bjp is very clear. we had a very decisive manifesto and unemployment has not been addressed by the previous government in ten years and we want to make sure the ratio
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increases, food and inflation and security and infrastructures and all of which need to start immediately and as you were correctly seeing he is a workaholic and he is not going to waste time on a ceremony and make sure the vision plan for the nation that empowers every single indian life is implemented immediately. >> so he is a big favorite, a real darling of the middle classes but what about the minorities who still have a few reservations about mr. modi, is mr. modi prepared to express regret or apologize even for 2002 and the killings there? >> reporter: you know, we had a committee report which highli t highlighted that was economically downward and the minorities and muslims are the most economically empowered,
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secure and literate in the state and i think he hazard been misunderstood because he has not chosen to speak to the media and he clearly believes in one philosophy which is justice to all and this is the guiding force for 2014. when one talks about development, one doesn't segregate by religious backgrounds and they think of indians and india as a whole and secularism means that is first. >> he has to reassure the muslim minority, which is a substantial minority within india, he is going to have to reassure them their rights will be protected, is that part of the agenda and how she going to do that? >> absolutely, absolutely. absolutely. i don't think one needs to announce it and it happens through action and we are 300 plus seats shows you have sections of minorities who voted
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for bjp and this is a case study and you have a huge catholic vote and that catholic vote has selected both candidates from north and south and that is testimony and i think we had enough of talking and symbolism and a tribute to sections of society. we want to move beyond politics. we only want to talk development and we want to take india so far ward the world is looking at us as a policy to recon with. >> what about your allies and how will you pursue those stony relations with pakistan? what is your position on kashmir? >> well, we are very clear that we need to talk tough on terror and if that means talking tough on pakistan so be it. we made it clear that neighbors have to ensure india's safety
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first, the line of control needs to be completely secure. we have seen to beheading of soldiers who have fought for us and not taking it lying down. the previous government had complete appeasement abroad and we are very clear we will have a dialog with our neighbors but we wants to ensure our borders are safe, no cross border terrorism. >> and what about relations with the united states and other big world powers and china and india, is it repaprepared to ta one of the great powers of asia? >> absolutely. i think we would be open to any kind of dialog but keeping in mind we are not going to let anyone bully or bull doze us into believing they are a power superior to us. we are the largest democracy and with humidity and pride i think
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we need to realize that we are a nation to recon with. >> and thank you very much indeed for talking to al jazeera. >> thank you very much. what will a bjp government mean for indians and he promised to reinvigorate the economy and now the stock market has risen 6% on the first indications of his victory. on foreign policy and the military the bjp promised a fresh approach as you were hearing and it wants to upgrade the military but there is a suggestion of revisiting the country's no first use, nuclear policy which led to some amount of criticism and one of the bjp's electrical promises was to do away with article 370 of the
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india constitution which grants special privileges to the disputed region like greater autonomy and that is something that of course pakistan will be watching closely and the kashmir issue goes back to the partition in 1847 when rulers chose to remain independent of india and pakistan but as you know pakistan claims the region as its own and indian forces moved in and the region has been divided ever since. a u.n. resolution after that called for a vote to be held for kashmir to decide their own fate. we can go live to our correspondent who is in the pakistan capitol islamabad and any reaction from islamabad yet to the massive landslide for modi? >> not so far officially at least. there is an expectation that once a formal announcement is made there will be a congre
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congratulating message from the pakistan government and the prime minister already said he is looking forward to normalization and relations with the new indian government despite the fact that the election rhetoric we heard during the past few months was tough on pakistan and the military chief also recently said it was critical, the issue of kashmir was critical and there has been an escalation in the past few days of crossing the violations and fighting incidents, the pakistan military has been reporting that. so cautious here but reality is pakistan has also been accusing the indians of involvement in balajustan and what will happen in the future is more important because the new indian government will also have to draw a policy of any future
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indian involvement in afghanistan or growing involvement is also going to raise eyebrows and hair in pakistan and even though there is some optimism perhaps the two will move forward and there are also apprehensions. >> thank you indeed for that and he is giving us the initial reaction which has been cautious as he said from neighboring pakistan. right of course and we will keep you right up to date with the developments in india today on this historic day as election results are announced and we will have a new government by the end of the day. police in brazil fired tear gas in crowds of protesters with less than 30 days before the football world cup and thousands are rallying against the billions of dollars spent to host the event and we report now from south palo. >> reporter: in a late afternoon rally more than 5,000 teachers flood the streets calling for
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better wages and working conditions and have been on strike for nearly four weeks. >> translator: the investment for the world cup is very big and we are asking for better education but there is no political will. >> reporter: brazil is a country where labor unions are big and powerful and strikes are commonplace as national elections approach. they are due in october. but something else happens first, the world cup. whether it be teachers here in south palo, bus drivers in rio or police in the northeast state everyone is on strike or threatening to strike in resent days. brazil is living in very uncertain times. the country is less than 30 days away from hosting a world cup, one of the biggest sporting events in the world but at the same time there are sectors of society here that are very much dissatisfied and not ready to celebrate. on the other side of town
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smoldering remains of a world cup protests, a few thousand people and it was broke up when the police fired tear gas. simultaneous protests took place in numerous cities across brazil and most were in the hundreds and low thousands but the largest was south palo with nearly 5,000 working class families calling for more affordable housing and marching for the world cup stadium. they say the stadium with the hype has increased prices in the neighborhood so much it's forcing the poor out. >> translator: rent that used to be $150 a month is now $300 a month, double. we are marching for affordable housing. >> reporter: it was a peaceful march but when they arrived by the stadium that will host the opening match of the football tournament they set tires on fire and a gesture of rebellion. a country poised to welcome a
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sporting world but first some are burning with renewed contents. i'm with al jazeera in south palo. negligence did not play a role in the disaster and they say it's unclear how the accident happened. turkey's party says the mine has been inspected 11 times over the past five years and 18 people remain trapped under ground and the number of people killed is still expected to pass 300. the issue of mine safety has demonstrations in turkey cities with scuffles between riot police and protesters and the nearest city to the man water cannons were used to break up the protests and say the lives
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of turkish minors are used to cut costs. riots using water cannon and tear gas against demeanor str-- demonstrators. they through petrol at police and responded with rubber bullets and smoke grenades. arrest warrant for the head of the family that owns the operator of the capsized ferry. months after the disaster and the president talked about the handling of the incident and continues off the island on jindo and we have this report. >> prayers continue one month on for more than 300 dead or missing and it's more quiet than days after the disaster but the sense of loss hangs heavy. a half an hour drive away there
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is a dwindling group of relatives waiting for their turn to take a body home, aunt of 17-year-old has watched other families leave. >> translator: i envy them a lot. it's not like they are taking live children home but dead ones that we should feel envy watching them and it feels miserable. >> reporter: the recovery operation continues but conditions inside the seawall continue to worsen. one dive team leader told us it's necessary to persuade relatives it's time to lift the boat. but that is an issue requiring grim calculation, some relatives fear bodies will be swept away or recovery delayed so long during the lift there will be bodies no more. the divers too are aware of the pressure of time. >> translator: we prayed hard we would find just anything within a day, either a body or any object at all. we prayed a lot. >> reporter: an interim report by investigators says a sharp
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time combined with overload cargo and water caused the seawall to cap size. on thursday the captain and three other crew members among the first to be rescued as passengers were told to stay put were charged with homicide. on friday the head of the family behind the ferry company photographer billionaire and leader failed to show up for questioning. in south south korea president met representatives of the families and faced criticism of the handling of disaster and the ap guy she made in the cabinet meeting not direct to the nation. >> translator: i express my condolence for the unspeakable pain in your heart and i once again apologize for the insufficiency of the government, i will look at changing the country safety systems so this kind of incident never happens again. >> reporter: next week the president is due to make a televised address including a second apology as she sets out how to make good on a promise to reform from square one, an
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attempt to ensure such a waste of young life won't be repeated. harry faucet, al jazeera, jindo, south korea. 20 bodies have been pulled from a ferry that sank in a river south of bangladesh capitol and 100 people are still missing. the vessel was traveling from daca when it was in a storm and capsized in the district. more than 200 passengers were on board and 40 of them managed to swim ashore. time to go to the weather, here is rich and what do you have for us. >> the balkins and severe weather and the satellite and stretching all the way from russia in the north down towards, well italy in the south. this has been quite a nasty system. we had very significant rain totals from this low pressure in
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austria and slovakia and we have seen the worst of the condition and bell grade 171 millimeters of rain in just 48 hours. this is what 171 millimeters of rain looks like. in fact, it represents 2.3 times what they would expect to see in the entire month in terms of rainfall and obviously the rivers cannot cope with that much rainfall. it's a similar situation in also in bosnia and across central parts of the country, the situation is really quite grim at the moment, flooding is pretty widespread but the situation is generally looking to improve over the next few days. we are seeing the worst of the rain begin to die away. the heaviest rain probably parts of poland and austria and it's ten degrees and indication things are getting better from friday to saturday and we start to see things just warming very slowly so we lose the cold air,
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the system begins to lose its real power if you like. there will be some rain around central parts here including the balkins and not bad like it has been and not looking bad and warm at 29 degrees. mostly fine conditions out towards the west too and we should hang on to the dry weather for a couple days but central area is looking very unsettled. >> thank you very much indeed. more to come in the news hour with al jazeera including why libya oil revenues will not be enough to balance the budget. plus. >> i'm phil at the caan festival and how the real life and the good life are coming together this year courtesy of africa. >> reporter: nba conference schedules are set and find out if oklahoma city could get past the l.a. clippers. ♪ these are the top stories a
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al jazeera and india opposition party is heading for a landslide victory in the general election and campaigned on the promise of economic revival and set the ruling congress party. and this is the scene, live, this is the heart land of modi, the man soon to be made the new prime minister of india and we will be following events there as we await his victory speech. and also here at al jazeera we are looking at new deli, that is where we are expecting the leader of the congress party
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much wounded in the elections and expecting to hear from her soon. and stay with al jazeera to keep up to date with all the developments in the indian election. now the india's former editor of the mail today is with me in the studio and thank you and it has been absolutely fascinating, hasn't it? and explain why this is historic and we use it and misuse the word but it is historic for a victory. >> after a long time a single party is in the majority and is not in the lower house, certainly. and it has been openly mandated for somebody who came from no where and ran this campaign and said he wanted to become the prime minister of end yeah and became the prime minister of india. >> fantastic story of this man, from a very humble background
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with should we say an interesting character because he seems to have friends, his friends seem to number almost as many as his enemies because he has abrasive enemies. >> that's what people say and it's not his character as much as abrasive politics that upsets people and it doesn't matter if you are abrasive or not and it's what does the politics practice and what kind do you preach so he will have to let go of the past, major challenge and hopefully he will. >> obviously you're referring to the killings in 2002 which horrified indians and of course the world. his part in that if you like is often talked about but it hasn't actually been clarified, what is he accused of and failed to do to clear his name because clearly that is the case? >> i was referring to the
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intolerance of decent in his own party and government and even on others, as well as the 2002 riots are concerned, at the face of it, he was the chief of the state, these rights happened under his watch and under his watch dead bodies were across the state and provoked people and you could say the courts have nastalgia and technically he is innocent and that is a correct statement but there is a deep suspicion in people about his role in those riots. adequate evidence was brought before the courts for them to makeup their minds directly because after all evidence has to be brought forward by the same state and continued on. >> and i was -- you have just brought me back to the fact that this is a man who people know very little about and yet he has
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had this association with this devastating event and is seen as a potential extremist, isn't he, to the right of indian politics and how has he managed to seduce the middle class of india and those who are educated and exceedingly tolerant? >> the middle class is when economic growth fell below 8%, 8.5%. they were disproportionate to the economic growth and want to go back to the growth spot and he convinced them he is the one who can bring back growth in india. >> is it just about the money? is it about the failing economy? >> absolutely. everybody thought india was a new economic powerhouse, a new engine of growth along with china and then suddenly you had the economy collapsing and india
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growth falling below 5%. >> can i ask you to hold for now and have a look at the pictures with me because i think we can see that he is now arriving at his party headquarters there. can you see him there? in the midst of that throng of reporters and he is arriving to make a victory speech and what are we expecting in terms of the great promise he offered up to india's middle class if you like, the business class? >> the question is that do you believe in the fact that shareholders alone represent that and if you do he will probably deliver because market sentiment has gone up, the stock markets have fallen today but they have gone up for, what, 15-20%. so the question is are these all the people who represent india? if not what does he have in store for others.
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>> and what is the recipe of his success basically? because he managed to turn around a fairly failing state in terms of the performance of its economy into a thriving business environment? >> it was always a thriving economy and where it comes from. so to say he actually lifted up a failing economy i don't think would be a correct picture. what it does was he is friendly towards entrepreneurs and human development industries. and he is for minority and not enough for those not exposed and not part of the shareholdering classes. >> look at the pictures with me if you will. can you see he is clearly pleased and he is not beaming
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and looks modest and contained. >> he is a great actor. you should have seen his television interviews. he reinvented himself through a marketing company if you will. so i wouldn't go by the way he looks and i would judge him by the actions once he is the prime minister. >> how did he do that, with pr companies and also modern tools? >> he used the social media. he hired one of the biggest international pr companies when most of the stock of the company joined his campaign and he is probably the second chief who has an image make over to a company and most politicians trying to redo their image through their campaigning by themselves. >> this represents a shift in terms of indian politics would you say coming forward into the modern era, would you say? >> i wouldn't say modern era i
6:40 am
would say he made democratic actions more presidential. they were never presidential in this sense where you vote for one man and the vote is not for the party nor the policies but because we place the faith in him. >> how significant is the feeling of apprehension if that is right among india minorities and india being made up of so many communities coming from so many different backgrounds with different cultures and beliefs. >> they would be ap hen -- apprehensive but don't have a lot to fear from him because he has used community rights in the past for electoral benefits and he already has electoral benefits and so i don't see him fermenting that now. >> all right for now thank you very much and we have a lot to
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talk about and somebody else came up here and he has some very interesting information. you have been looking, haven't you, particularly at social media and, in fact, what that crucial sector of the young, exactly what they have been doing during the election. >> two things i'm seeing mounting and i have lots of reaction which is not surprising giving we are dealing with a billion people here and also we are seeing a lot of i guess indicators would be the word, social indicators about how they managed this. i want to show you some pictures, have a look at this. this is probably the proudest mother in india at the moment. her name is mrs. modi, 95 years old and the first thing her son did this morning was come and receive a blessing from his mother and it's quite lovely, a
6:42 am
tender moment between mother and child and the child is about to become the next prime minister of india. a couple things to think about here and i'm going to hide from the map and bring you some tweets to think about, after he received the blessing and won he hopped on twitter and this is what he said, really simple, india has won and that has been retweeted almost 50,000 times. and that has made it 50,000 times in about 30,000 favorites there, that has become the most retweeted tweet this indian twitter history if you follow what i'm saying there. contrast that with what the national congress pays and this is their twitter page and they have 179,000 followers but these last tweets were 10 and 20 hours ago and most of the previous tweets have been like this thanking the outgoing prime minister, not really about their current campaign and maybe they knew the writing was on the wall
6:43 am
and things were not looking so good in the first place. there is good reason for that if i bring up the map here. this is a live google map of votes as they come in and all sort of the beige, yellow areas shows you how the bjp pretty much destroyed the congress party in this election and important places and these are two biggest states and 200 million people there and bjp has about 60 out of the available 80 seats there so all these portant faces and they had no foot print there whatsoever and you see how the bjp cleared the board across the country of india and listen to the analysis from adjou journalist with the express and talks about how he won across the board, have a look. >> there appears to be a division about india voting but there is a north or southern
6:44 am
sort of divide and bjp has done extremely well in the south where it was not expected to pick up seats and this is meant to be sort of the western europe of india with indicators and bjp is also planting a flag. so the success is almost sand papering the differences between rural and urban indian and successfully carrying his message across. >> and on line as well and this is where it gets interested and we referred to this earlier. look at this from social baker' and this is a fantastic graphic, watch the numbers going up, bjp has 4 million followers there but look at modi there 14.3 million followers on facebook. widen out no one else even comes close there. go further down and total interactions and these were more even and means at least the
6:45 am
parties were interacting with followers and total actions and modi has 11 million interactions with followers and a bit further down here is total posts by politicians and probably i think it's fair to say not all for modi but half a million from his team, not even close with competitors and not reaching 100,000 there. you see he had a very savvy social media team that understood with 150 million first-time voters in the election a lot will use facebook and their twitter. just before i go i want to show you our website at al and this will tell you a lot more information and graphics that our teams put together there showing exactly how this government will be formed. look at there, it gets a little complicated so you might want to spends some time looking at that and great numbers to explain the size of this huge election that is in india, as i said 150 million first-time voters there
6:46 am
in al in the spotlight section and look at this as well and keep up with the news and the correspondents on the ground and should have a graphic to bring up on the screen which shows the names of our correspondents. here they are. you have seen them online already and on air and that is me, if you want to send me anything that interests you which we can put on air and do use the hash tag aj india, wow, lots there. >> i know, just taking it all in and thank you. we will be back throughout the day. >> thank you very much indeed. he will keep us up to date with all the figures indeed. in the meantime we will is to take a look at some other news from around the world and we start in egypt because anti-government demonstrators are taking across the streets in the country and less than two weeks to go before presidential elections will be held there. egyptians meanwhile started voting on thursday at 140
6:47 am
polling stations in 124 countries. the presidential poll will pick the former army chief abdel-fattah el-sissi against the candidate. detained al jazeera correspondent has accused the egyptian authorities of trying to force feed him while in solitary confinement and he made these during an interview and he is on protest for 116 days and held without charge since his arrest last august and in the last few hours the state media is reporting he ended the hunger strike but the family is disputing and saying he has been in solitary confinement so he can be force fed. >> well, that is absolutely not true. yesterday we were able to see him after 48 hours and he was moved from his original cell to
6:48 am
the scorpion prison in tura and a maximum security cell and moved to solitary confinement and pretty much all of his safety and concerns are coming into action after his transfer without informing the family or the lawyers. i think what is happening is that they are trying to force feed him. they are using his solitary confinement as a way to end his hunger strike to forceful methods. >> the trial of three al jazeera english journalists being held in egypt has been adjourned, it was the 8th court sitting in the case against greste, mohammad and bahmy. >> they were back in a cage in a cairo court on thursday. prosecution lawyers have told their defense team they must pay a fee of $170,000 to facilitate
6:49 am
viewing of the video evidence against the al jazeera english journalists. a demand the network describes as affront to justice. peter and baham and mohamed and al jazeera says the charges are nonsense. >> hoping it will be favorable and i hope the judge and the judicial system will be the central factor at the end. >> reporter: three lawyers who no longer represent the journalists earlier told them that the network is using the trial for promotional purposes. they also say the defendants' case is jeopardized by al jazeera decision to bring a legal case against egypt for damage to its business and the network rejected the allegations and saying in a statement the support from across the world
6:50 am
has been loud and it's important to keep that going. we are continuing to do everything possible to get our journalists out of jail. and are working with the first-class legal team to end this injustice. the court has said 8 times since the trial started in early february and the three men returned to a single 8 x 3 meter cell they shared in custody and they were arrested at the end of december. their next court appearance is schedule for may 22nd. bernard smith with al jazeera. a woman in the united states is said to have been killed from cured from late stage cancer with an injection of the measle shots and it needs more testing but from a clinic in minnesota john reports. >> stacey is from hopeless to history maker. >> i think it's just remarkable, who would have thought. >> reporter: she endured a
6:51 am
cancer often called incurrable, multiple myeloma and now the doctors are using the word cure. >> we were thinking about a single shot cure for cancer and that is our goal with therapy. >> reporter: she tried nearly every chemo therapy drug and two stem cell transplants and nothing worked and with nothing to lose the doctor at mayo clinic tried a bold experiment and injected her with a massive dose of the measurable vaccine. >> i received enough to vacuum need 100 million people and it was alarming and happy to hear that after the fact. >> it was similar, virus enter the body and destroy tissue. in this case the mayo doctor say the measles virus binds cancer cells together and killed them. the next step is a clinical trial that replicates her results and until that happens many oncologists are reserving
6:52 am
opinions. >> it certainly caught people's attention and a lot of people are talking about it. bear in mind this data is early and a single patient and we don't have enough details on what other treatment the patient had and all we are seeing really is the headline and they say the devil is in the details. >> reporter: one thing is certain doctors confirmed that stacey is now cancer free. >> it was very exciting. >> reporter: for her that is historic enough. john hendren, al jazeera. >> time for some sport news. >> thank you so much. and holding the 2022 world cup in the summer is quote a mistake when asked by a swiss television channel if an error had been made, he responded saying of course it was a mistake. you know one make as lot of mistakes in life. the technical report indicated clearly that it was too hot in summer but despite that the executive committee decided with
6:53 am
a big majority that the tournament would be in qatar. it's not the first time that he used that word in reference to the event and people strongly indicated the world cup will be played in the winter months to avoid the extreme heat of summer in the gulf nation and quatar is under scrutiny for workers. and madrid and athletico but one man played his last game after battling a knee injury and the 35-year-old made a debut in 1999 and spent his entire career with the club and two champion leagues and two spanish cups. >> translator: i have won many titles but what i value the most here is the human side i have
6:54 am
found. i got here as a kid and i'm leaving with a whole family. which i'm very proud of. >> the oklahoma city thunder claimed their series with the l.a. clippers to advance to nba western conference finals and host l.a. were in control for the first three quarters and blade griffin scoring 22 points but the league most valuable player durant scored 39 including 5, 3 pointers to have a come from behind victory and oklahoma had a 16 point deficit to win 104-98. >> tonight my teammates did a great job screening for me and russ set me up and fish and i just got to finish and i try to stay with it, no matter what and start out slow and that is not how you start and finish and i try to stick with it. >> i thought we just got stagnant and that came out and executed and i don't know if it was energy.
6:55 am
i don't know. >> the indiana pacers also beat the washington wizards to advance to the eastern conference finals against defending champions miami and game one of best of seven begins sunday and in the west oklahoma city will take on the sand antonio spurs with game one on monday. l.a. clippers owner donald sterling is refusing to pay $2.5 million fine for the national basketball league and sterling was ban for life for making racist comments is threatening to sue the nba and the lawyer wrote a letter saying he has done nothing wrong and the 80-year-old has no plans to sell his team. and nadal will meet murray for the first time in three years on friday at the quarter finals at the masters and are building up to the open and they had second match in the third round clash and defending champion did more
6:56 am
than enough to get past. murray celebrated his 27th birthday with a straight set victory over australia before sharing cake and this is the furthest he has gone in the tournament since the semi defeat to yankovich in 2011. and he lost a set of germany but went on to only drop three games in the next two sets and will play the last eight. michael phelps will continue in two events on a grand prix in north carolina on friday, the 18 time olympic champion finished second in the 100 meter butterfly in the first come back meet in arizona. >> i don't care what i'm competing against anybody in the world i don't want anybody to beat me, nobody and that still is the same. i mean, sure, i'm more laid back
6:57 am
and more relaxed now than i ever have been and i was saying that going into 12 but that is still, i mean, he has heard me say a couple comments that will probably show how fired up and motivated i am, i just hate to lose. >> bradley wiggins retained the lead at the tour of california for a fourth consecutive day and american taylor won stage five from the beach to santa barbara with 12 seconds back and the over all advantage is 28 seconds with three stages remaining. there is much more sport on our website, for the latest check out al and how to get in touch with us with twitter and facebook and back to you. >> thank you very much indeed. lots more on the indian elections and the rest of the day's news of course here at al jazeera, don't go away.
6:58 am
>> i'm joe berlinger this is the system people want to believe that the justice system works. people wanna believe that prosecutors and police do the right thing. i think every american needs to be concerned about that. we do have the best justice system in the world, in theory... the problem is, it's run by human beings... human beings make mistakes... i'd like to think of this show as a watch dog about the system... to make sure justice is being served. wrongful convictions happen, we need to be vigilant.
6:59 am
with our personal liberties taken away from us, it better be done the right way. is justice really for all?
7:00 am
>> raging wildfires now claiming at least one life. hundreds forced to leave their homes after new evacuations are ordered. >> the death toll rising in the turkey coal mine accident. the operator of the mine denies the company was next. >> it is a landslide for india's main opposition party. what changes this could mean for the world's largest democracy. >> i received enough to